About ECS

Susan Winebrenner founded Education Consulting Service Inc to provide practical Professional Development workshops for educators. Our cadre of associates enables us to provide "highly effective training" to help educators translate current educational research into effective classroom practice. All presenters have had been highly effective classroom teachers and offer workshops on a wide variety of educational topics.

Our specialty is to teach educators to effectively use Differentiated Instruction (DI) for all students who need it. Our specific expertise is in teaching gifted students and those who have learning or achievement difficulties. The strategies we teach are based on Susan’s books, and can be helpful for many regular education students as well and have helped countless teachers over the years learn how to manage DI effectively.

To schedule a workshop, please email Susan Winebrenner at skwine76@gmail.com. She may be reached by phone in California at:

760.510.0066 (land line) or 760.533.5155 (mobile)

Workshop Topics

  • Teaching Gifted Kids in Today's Classroom
  • Implementing and Supporting a Successful Cluster Grouping Program
  • Teaching Gifted Kids who are English Language Learners (ELL)
  • Teaching Kids with Learning Difficulties in Today's Classroom with Lisa Kiss, MS.
  • Teaching Twice Exceptional Students (Gifted and LD simultaneously)
  • Teaching Strategies for the Mixed-Ability Classroom

Online Gifted Education Course for The Cluster Grouping Handbook from www.kdsi.org

For information on this course, please contact Knowledge Delivery Systems (www.kdsi.org) for more information on the Cluster Grouping Course

Brief Course Description:

This online course demonstrates all the information from The Cluster Grouping Handbook by Susan Winebrenner and Dina Brulles. Participants at every grade level and subject area learn how to implement the Schoolwide Cluster Grouping Model (SCGM), a cost-effective way to provide full services to both gifted or advanced learners and other students as well.

Program Goals:

  By the end of the KDS course, participants will be able to:
  •   Identify and serve gifted students in a cost-effective classroom setting using a model that maximizes academic achievement for all students at  the grade level(s) that use the cluster model.
  •   Be confident in their abilities to create and use appropriate differentiation strategies with gifted clusters of students in all grades K-8.  Video segments provide concrete examples.